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Score Free Accommodations By Practicing Your Native Language With Locals

As a travel enthusiast that works for a travel company that specializes in travel hacking, it’s my job (literally) to be in the know about the newest and most innovative ways to travel this beautiful planet for less and less money.


Fortunately for all of us, there’s no shortage of flash flight sales or seasonal hotel discounts, but those methods are unexciting and can be rather tedious to track, maintain and receive. But every now and then I’ll come across a company whose value proposition is so new and unique that I absolutely have to share it with everyone.


Meet TalkTalkBnb.


Much like the other “Bnb” company, they focus on travelers searching for accommodations, but their concept is an idea you probably haven’t heard of before. Rather than paying a fee as the traveler, you provide a service. That service? Practicing your native language with the host.


How It Works


Hosts list their homes/apartments/guest houses available for “rent”, then indicate a language (or languages) in which they’re interested in learning. Travelers go to their site, search for their desired location, list their native language, gender, age and number of guests and then click search.


When you, the traveler, happen to speak the very language that a host wants to practice, and happen to be traveling in that host’s area, and happen to love meeting locals when traveling abroad, and happen to enjoy free accommodations, then you’ll just need to reserve your slot and continue the communication through their platform.



It’s completely free to use and there’s never a fee for staying.


TalkTalkBnb was founded in late 2015 and is headquartered in France, so expect a heavy European presence. But they do appear to have active hosts in every region of the world. With over 40k followers on their Facebook page alone, it’s easy to see I’m not the only one who’s fascinated by this model.