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Lesser Known Reasons Why WeChat is So Popular

Apps tend to try their hand at everything these days. Facebook, for example, is a platform for video games, social networking, safety, ecommerce, videos, advertising, events, and about a dozen other services you might not be aware of. But rarely does a single platform both accel and dominate in all of the areas in which it competes. 


Queue WeChat.


To many users in China, WeChat is their all-encompassing version of WhatsApp, Fitbit, Facebook, OpenTable, Tumblr, Skype, GrubHub, Twitter, Instagram, Apple Pay and so much more, mainly due to the fact that the Chinese government blocks many of the services we’ve grown accustomed to using everyday, like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.


Earlier we wrote a blog “5 Apps You’ll Want When Traveling to China”, and WeChat was the rightful #1 as it’s the country’s most used service/application. So we decided to put together a helpful list of some of the lesser known reasons this application dominates the Chinese mobile landscape.


Instant Price Comparing


For all you bargain hunters, WeChat has a heavily used QR scanning feature that lets you instantly compare product prices with other stores nearby.


Mobile Payments


Functioning similarly to Apple and Android Pay, WeChat has mobile payments integrated directly into their platform, so you can leave your wallet and cash at home.


Go Dutch


Having to split a large dinner bill among friends is beyond troublesome. Another amazing feature on WeChat is the ability to “Go Dutch”. It allows you to easily and properly split a bill so you won’t have to awkwardly hand your server 7 different payment methods.


Group Video Chat


Kind of a no brainer for a messaging application these days but yes, WeChat does offer video chat. The best part, however, is that it supports up to 9 people at the same time. Just make sure you’re on a computer or laptop with that many people, it’ll be difficult to 9-way video chat on a phone.



Order Food, Reserve Tables


Food’s awesome, so by proxy, this feature is awesome. (It’s science.) But WeChat also lets you order food and reserve tables. You’ll probably need to know a little Chinese, but it’s easily one of their most convenient features.


Step Tracker


Pretty self explanatory, but still great to have as a native feature. Track those steps through WeChat by enabling “WeRun” before your next hike or run in China.