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Hold on to Your Sockets

Guess what? China doesn’t use the same electrical currents or wall sockets that we use here in the US. So before you go, make sure you read this article so you won’t be shocked on arrival. (See what I did there?) All it’ll take to make your Chinese adventure device friendly is a little know-how and a few adapters.


Electrical Devices vs. Electronics


Contrary to popular belief, there is a difference. Electronics include items such as:


  • Smartphones
  • Laptops
  • iPads, iPods, .mp3 players, etc.
  • Digital Cameras


The trick for these items is simple. Simply buy an adapter and you’re good to go. But double check by making sure that the AC power adapter says ~100V-240V. As long as it does, you’re fine to travel anywhere on the planet. If you’re uncertain, definitely check online with the manufacturer beforehand.


However, any electrical devices you bring are a completely different story. These are items such as:


  • Curling irons
  • Hair dryers
  • Electric razors


If you’re traveling from a country that uses 110V (North America, Japan), then these items will require a converter. Don’t use one and you’ll destroy your device. (But the fireworks display should be quite beautiful.)


Our advice? Leave these at home. You’ll still be beautiful without them. Besides, nearly all hotels provide hair dryers these days and if you absolutely need a hair curler, then we’d recommend buying a travel set that doesn’t need a converter.


Wall Sockets


Last up, the wall sockets. In China the sockets require a two-prong plug. They’ll have to be the same size (“Type A”), although most modern devices with these plugs have a wider prong. These won’t fit into the wall and will definitely require an adapter. Those will take a “Type C” or “Type F” plug.


Good news is, if you’re flying from Europe, Australia or New Zealand, all of your devices will already work in China.