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Best SIM Card of All Time When You Travel to China

Access Websites in China with Google Fi 

Traveling to China, but concerned about being able to access your favorite websites? Well good news – with Google Project Fi, travelers can have unlimited international texting along with high-speed data roaming in over 170 countries (Mainland China included), for the same monthly cost as it is in the US.

What is Google Project Fi?

Project Fi, Google’s own mobile phone service, is great for travelers who don’t want to constantly switch out SIM cards in their phones whenever they go to a different country. As an added bonus, Project Fi users in Mainland China will be able to access all of their favorite websites without having to use a VPN service. As long as you’re using Project Fi’s mobile data, you won’t need a separate VPN to access sites like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram. 


Connection Quality

Several users on Reddit have reported that the quality of Fi’s connection varies greatly depending on which city in Mainland China you are in. For most major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Changsha, you can expect to have full LTE/4G speeds. In more rural areas, expect speeds to drop as low as 2G/Edge.  

For more information, check out this video where David from Android Authority vlogs about his experience using Project Fi in China.


How does it work?

If you’re using cellular data, all of your traffic will be routed back to the US, which is why you are not restricted by Mainland China’s internet restrictions. Although this is true for most other US carriers such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T, Project Fi’s wide range of network compatibility makes it an ideal choice for travelers. At $20/month for unlimited calls and texts in the US and $10/GB for up to 6GB of high-speed data, Project Fi is a much affordable option compared to other carriers’ roaming plans, which often cost $10/day with extremely limited data.


So, if you’re already using Google Project Fi, you’ll have access to all your favorite websites while using mobile data without needing a VPN connection in China. And if you’re traveling to China, then you might want to consider using Project Fi and doing away with the hassle of switching SIM cards and dealing with VPNs. PROBLEM SOLVED! 

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