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Airmule helped me travel to 2 countries with only $178

Hooray! Airmule has just opened new destinations in Thailand, India,  South Korea and more. We would like to thank you for all your support and love. Today we would like to share a story about how one of our Airmule’s passionate traveler traveled to two countries with less than $200.


A story of Mitchel and how he spent less than $200 to visit two countries…

Mitchel lives in Los Angeles and one day he decided to travel to South Korea to meet his friends. He purchased a ticket from LAX – ICN with a 22hr layovers in Shanghai, China.


He listed his trip on and received a match for 2 containers. Once confirmed, he followed Airmule’s simple process:

  1. Pick up the Airmule Travel Containers at LAX
  2. Enjoy your time on the plane
  3. Drop off the Airmule Travel Containers at PVG


Voilà! The process was easy and quick!


Mitchel had a 22-hour layover in Shanghai before continuing his journey to South Korea. He did not want to waste his precious time sitting at the airport, so he decided to explore the city and sample some of China’s best cuisine.  “Hot-pot and spicy crawfish were absolutely delicious,” Mitchel happily explained to us.


He also went to a rooftop bar with an amazing view of  Shanghai.


He went back to his hotel to get some sleep. Then headed to South Korea to meet with his friends the next morning.


Mitchel had a wonderful time with his friends in South Korea, but he knew his journey had to come to an end. His trip required him to fly from South Korea to Shanghai where he had a 7 hours layover. Upon arrival in PVG, he met with Airmule representative at the airport. Mitchel received two Airmule Travel Containers for his travels back to the United States.  He then checked those pieces of luggage in with the airline and proceeded to his gate.


Once again, the magic of Airmule came into play. According to an old saying, “All magic comes with a price.” So Airmule helped Mitchel earn $200 on the way back. That price was not bad.


Total Cost

Let’s recap of Mitchel’s trip.

  • Airline Tickets: Spent $678
  • Being an OBC with Airmule: Earn $500

Total Airfare Costs: $178

Travel Experience: ★★★★★


How do I travel like Mitchel?

  • Purchased airline ticket
  • Fly within our service airports
  • Enough layover time (AT LEAST 6 HOURS)
  • Able to retrieve baggage at China airports
  • Chinese visa (10 years visa or 144hr/72hr visa)

Check full requirements and serviceable airports, please click HERE.


Is it only limited to overnight layover?

No. As long as you meet these requirements above then you are eligible to use Airmule’s service. Having an overnight layover is just an opportunity for the traveler to explore China and create lasting memories.