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Airmule Flex

Sell your luggage space and earn up to $600.

Airmule Flex matches travelers who have unused luggage space with TSA certified shipping companies looking to ship along the same route. Create an account. List your trip. Fly as a courier. Get paid. Earn $150 per checked bag, up to $600 roundtrip.

Airmule only partners with TSA certified shipping companies. One hundred percent of our shipped items are screened, inspected, and guaranteed safe for international travel and foreign entry. We manually inspect each and every item before packing, so that you, our travelers, can fly worry free.

We package the shipments into luggage containers so you don’t have to. We even meet you at your departure and arrival airports for baggage drop-off and pick up. Curious what’s inside? Take a look for yourself. Unlike other air courier companies, we allow our travelers to fully inspect what they’re transporting. You’ll even be provided with a digital manifest that lists exactly what’s inside.

Once you land, we have a dedicated Airmule Travel Representative meet you near baggage claim to receive the delivery. Upon confirmed receipt, your earnings are deposited directly into your bank account within 24-48 hours.

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