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4 Tips to Better Enjoy the Forbidden City

The Forbidden City, one of the most packed places to be in Beijing. Here’s some quick ways you can make your visit more enjoyable .


1. Go Early


Get there as early as you possibly can. The Forbidden City is known for selling up to 80,000 tickets per day. On average, over 44,000 tickets are sold by 10:30am. Yikes!


2. Don’t Enter from the South


The southern entrance is the most popular, and rightfully so, as many Chinese tourists want to take photos with Chairman Mao’s picture hanging above the entrance. Avoid this by entering from the east or west to avoid the kerfuffle. 


3. Do Exit from the East


Almost everyone who visits will exit through the North Gate. Kick that idea to the curb if you’d rather not be crammed in a crowded bus or wait in long line for one to arrive. The East Gate is conveniently located right next to a subway, along with multiple taxis and rickshaws.


4. Don’t Forget Your Passport


That’s right. You’ll need an official form of national identification prior to entering. So unless you’re a Chinese National, your passport will be your best bet.