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4 Meals in Beijing You Won’t Be Able to Resist

Calling all Foodies! Beijing Chinese food is chock-full of all things delectable, delicious and irresistible. Here are 4 meals you won’t be able to resist the next time you’re in town.


1. Peking Duck


The King of Beijing Cuisine. A meal so intertwined with the city’s culture, it’d be heresy to visit and not try a bite. Typically roasted over fruit wood, the skin is delightfully crispy while the meat itself is seductively juicy. Don’t even think about visiting Beijing without trying this dish.


2. Mala Crayfish


If you enjoy seafood, then you’re going to love Mala Crayfish. Typically cooked in spicy broth, complete with sichuan peppercorns and other fragrant spices. If you come to Beijing, be prepared grab your gloves and crack down on some shells.


3. Zhajiangmian


One of the most popular dishes in Beijing, Zhajiangmian is a simple dish that’ll satisfy any noodle lover. It contains thick wheat noodles, cucumber, and other vegetables, along with radishes that’ve been smothered in a sweet bean paste. But don’t forget to wipe your mouth every now and again, this one gets a little messy.


4. Beijing-Style Dumplings


Ahhh yes, dumplings. You’ve almost certainly had these before. But you definitely haven’t lived until you’ve had Beijing’s version. Pan fried or boiled, both forms are deliciously tempting, succulent, in-expensive and will quickly fill you up.